Hand Tools

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Early European Decorated ToolsThis publication is a survey of European hand tools, from various woodworking and other trades, dating from the 16th century to the 19th century.
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Choosing and Using Hand ToolsPower tools are a ubiquitous part of modern woodworking but, for most of history, hand tools were the standard. Rae, a professional furniture maker who has contributed to and edited a number of woodworking magazines, offers a wealth of information about the selection, care, and use of nearly every kind of hand tool: vices and workbenches, marking and measuring tools, and hammers, screwdrivers, drills, files, chisels, planes, and saws.
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Collins Good Wood Toolswith clear color pictures and descriptive texts explaining the uses (workability, characteristics, common uses, etc) of a good majority of hard,soft and man-made woods this is a very comforting book.
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Small Tools HandbookThis text guides the woodworker through the myriad of small tools on the market, differentiating their various merits and uses. The book grades each tool for desirability, offers tips on their safe use and provides advice on their care and maintenance.
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Tools  A Complete Illustrated EncyclopediaA spectacular visual dictionary of more than 450 beautifully photographed tools, this gorgeous volume presents a dazzling range, from the trusty and familiar hammer and screwdriver to the very handsome ebony or rosewood marking gauge that one simply must have to make the most precise marks of where to cut...and let's not forget the crosscut saws, ripsaws, tenon saws, dovetail saws, slotting saws, veneer saws, frame saws, bucksaws, bow saws, coping saws, and jeweler's saws needed to do the actual cutting.
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Woodworkers Hand ToolsWoodworkers will learn how veneer is manufactured and how to choose glue, adhesives, and substrates; band-saw their own veneers; cut, match, and tape veneer panels; accomplish complete four-way matches; and other procedural skills in this expert guide.