Brickwork for the Garden Step by Step

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Brickwork for the Garden Step by StepThe simple brick is a universal building material that can be used in a variety of ways to create stunning effects. Used in the garden, brickwork can take the form of anything from a functional pathway to a decorative feature wall and can dramatically alter the design and visual impact of an outdoor space. A pair of simple gateway columns welcomes visitors while a brick-edged pond provides a place for contemplation. While some structures have a clear function, it is vital that they are also visually pleasing and decorative.
    Each project has been photographed step-by-step during construction and the finished piece is shown in its garden setting. Clear construction diagrams and concise text accompany every project. A comprehensive techniques section provides expert advice and information on designing, planning, tools, materials, foundations, concrete, mortar and cutting and laying brick.

    Alan and Gill Bridgewater