Care & Repair of Shop Machines

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Care & Repair of Shop MachinesThis is a comprehensive guide to the setting-up, maintenance and repair of all the major machines found in a woodworker's workshop:- tablesaws, jointers, planers, bandsaws, drill presses, routers and chopsaws.

Owner's manuals are next to useless for this purpose, and woodworking machine mechanics are very hard to find! The book provides a complete manual so that a woodworker can set up his or her machines for accurate work, do basic repair and maintenance, and get top performances from the tools. * Full of low-tech solutions to common problems, clear concise troubleshooting information and alternatives to expensive set-ups. * An essential reference book for everyone who owns a woodshop - amateur woodworker, professional carpenter, school or college. * Full promotion to the core market via The Guild of Master Craftsmen.

    John White