Turning for Results Lets Make Tazza (DVD)

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Turning for Results Lets Make Tazza (DVD)Andy Lodge RPT - A potted history

I worked from the age of Sixteen for NCB Yorkshire Area, taking my redundancy in 1992 after 16 years service. I then took an the job of a single handed gamekeeper, a job I loved, but had to retire due to a bout of very sever back problems.
I started making furniture and was doing ok when a next door neighbour asked if I could use a lathe he was going to throw out, now being a Yorkshire man I just couldn't let him do that, could I, and the rest as they say is history.

I now teach and demonstrate for John Boddy's and demo for Robert Sorby who kindly sponsored the tools in this DVD, Craft supplies and various other companies, my work has also featured on the front cover of the Robert Sorby catalogue.

I demonstrate throughout the country and have my own fully heated workshop for teaching Students, I cater from total beginners to the more advanced turners and can have most people turning properly in a couple of hours.