Caricature Carvers Showcase

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Caricature Carvers ShowcasePerusing the guide's biographies and photos of America's top caricature carvers, readers will become acquainted with 25 members, both active and emeritus, such as Marv Kaisersatt, Harold Enlow, Peter Ortel, and Pete LeClair. Each profile includes two original patterns viewed from different angles, complete with techniques and painting and finishing tips.

About the Authors:
The Caricature Carvers of America (CCA) is a group designed to promote the appreciation of caricature woodcarving as an art, and to encourage growth in skill, creativity, and excellence among its members and the general public. They regularly teach seminars throughout North America, and their members have published nearly 100 books on the topic. Previous works from the CCA include Carving the Circus and Carving the Full Moon Saloon.