Complete Guide to Decorative Woodworking

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Complete Guide to Decorative WoodworkingSetting the scene for the projects, a short introduction traces the history of decorative woodwork and highlights the styles, periods, tools, techniques and materials that have been used over the centuries, fully illustrated with superb examples, the introduction provides a graphic insight into the riches of the craft and cleverly leads into the projects themselves.
    The 25 projects are divided into five capters - Decorative Construction; Veneer, Marquetry and Tunbridge Ware; Relief Woodcarving; Woodcarving in the Round; and Finishing. Each chapter comprises five projects, which together serve to demonstrate every aspect of the technique discussed. Each project conforms to a standard format and consists of a short introduction to the technique, a technical illustration drawn on a grid and showing three elevations, six step-by-step illustrations with extended captions giving clear instruction in every stage of the technique, a large-scale photograph of the finshed piece, and a selection of historical and modern inspirational pictures.
    An extensive directory of patterns and motifs rounds off the book and provides unlimited scope for further practice and experimentation.

Alan & Gill Bridgewater