Country Furniture for the Home: The Kitchen

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Country Furniture for the Home:  The KitchenChoose from a variety of traditional country styles from around the world. A Spanish chair has arches in the backrest and relief carving on the front stretcher, back, and legs. And the only tools you need to make it are a lathe and an electric drill! The simple but lovely French scullery table has three drawers and tapered legs. Keep your spice jars neatly arranged on a New England rack made of ash, or get additional storage space from a pretty Welsh Kitchen Dresser. An Irish Pine Settle seats two comfortably. Other projects include a plate rack, Normandy cupboard, and Lakeland armchair. Cutting lists, scaled plans, and helpful advice accompany each design, and a workshop skills chapter provides hints and tips. Bonus: full-color gallery-quality photos show you exactly how these beautiful works will look when completed.

George Buchanan