Encyclopedia of Woodworking Techniques

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Encyclopedia of Woodworking TechniquesThe techniques are listed alphabetically to enable you to find your way around. Each technique is listed under its most commonly used name, and has a short, introductory section discussing the key features of the technique and special points to bear in mind. Each technique is explained using step-by-step demonstrations, these are divided into small units, showing different aspects of the technique. Clear cross references denote other useful and applicable techniques; these occur in the Themes section, too, to enable you to relate the working method to the end result. Checklists show at a glance the key items needed to carry out a particular techniques and both hand and power tools are demonstrated where appropriate. Health and safety notes are included in the checklist.An integrated approach to woodworking, Part I of this book deals with the important basic techniques and offers a detailed analysis of the basics of woodworking. Part II, Themes, is devoted to the techniques in action, with examples of some of the best work to have been produced around the world; these pieces should act as inspiration when trying out the techniques.English: