Green Wood Stools

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Green Wood Stools
Alison Ospina has been making green wood chairs and stools for over twenty years. She has developed her own distinctive approach to creating sculptural, functional chairs using the natural shapes of the tree.
The techniques she shares in Green Wood Stools are simple and relatively easy to master. According to Alison, The green wood approach is so accessible, people see it and immeditely think "I could do that!”
As a skilled crafts woman and teacher, Alison Ospina’s understanding of the joy of green wood working inspires us to discover our "inner chair maker". Green Wood Stools shows innovative ways to use beautiful, versatile, unseasoned hazel, to create that most fundamental of seats - the wooden stool Angela Brady OBE, Architect and Craftswoman This is a much-needed instruction and inspiration for anyone wanting to learn green woodworking and furniture making, or widen their existing skills. Beautifully illustrated and well written, Alison Ospina's latest book is essential for anyone with a passion for wood.

Nick Gibbs, Founding Editor Living Woods magazine