Lets make a Bandstand Clock (DVD)

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Lets make a Bandstand Clock (DVD)Born into an trawling family, Colin followed his forefathers into deep-sea fishing and spent a major part of his working life inside the Arctic Circle, until the demise of the British fining industry found the majority of the vessels put to work as standby ships guarding the drilling rigs and platforms around the North Sea. Waiting to rescue a luckless victim from the rigs became so tedious, Colin's fascination with wood began whilst stood-by a rig off the Dutch coast. When the rig crew asked if he'd be interested in some pine boards from a packing case which was rescued as part of a "Man-Overboard" drill, he gladly accepted. This jetsom was transformed into a bookcase for one of Colin's Grandaughters.
Unable to have a lathe onboard due to the obvious confinements of a small ship, Collin's interest turned to carving and his lathework commenced upon retirement.
Colin's quote, "I find it totally absorbing and wish I'd started turning as a younger man."