Making Shaker Oval Boxes (DVD)

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Making Shaker Oval Boxes (DVD)Brent Rourke has had a keen interest in woodworking since his days in grade school. He continued his studies through trade school and apprenticing and is now  a Master cabinetmaker. It was Brent's interest in the Shakers that led him to making oval boxes. Since opening his business in 1996 he has crafted more than 40,000 boxes thus perfecting the art. Brent ships boxes to customers around the world and for several years has supplied some of the best known Shaker villages. As a recognized box making expert Brent regularly teaches classes in his workshop set in an historic barn in Bloomfield, New Brunswick. He lives here with his wife Susan and their two sons.

 Rob frequently travels to demonstrate woodworking techniques, and has taught hand tool skills to hundreds of students. He has operated a custom woodshop since 1989, where he designs and builds made-to-order furniture with an emphasis on using hand tools. Rob and his wife Kim live in New Brunswick with their nine children.

Making Shaker Oval Boxes features:
  • How to make your own veneer
  • Simple jigs for box making
  • Layout spacing for swallow tails
  • Which woods and what grain bends
  • Options for the oval box, carriers, trays and jewel boxes
  • Hand tool options to power tool processes 

Running time: 1 hours, 9 minutes