Weekend Woodworking with Power Tools

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Weekend Woodworking with Power ToolsThe 18 stylish projects range from a hardwood chopping block and a teddy bear rocking chair to a portable planter and an elegant rose trellis. All the popular tools—jigsaws, circular saws, hammer drills, sanders, and routers, are featured, and there's a full explanation of the tasks each is designed to perform, which models are best for beginners, which accessories are the most useful, and how to operate each one most efficiently.

Alan and Gill Bridgewater have gained an international reputation as producers of woodworking and DIY books on a range of subjects, including furniture-making, stone and brickwork, decks and decking, woodcarving and woodturning. They have written more than 50 highly successful books to date, such as Guide to Making Wooden Toys and Power Tool Wood Carving, published by Sterling and have contributed many articles and designs to woodworking magazines, including Craft Family.