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This book offers a visual introduction to the evolution of round forms, from ancient history to the present day, providing in the process an enhanced understanding of design concepts and a multitude of ideas for the contemporary architect, designer and craftsperson.


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Classic Forms

  • Columns are traced from their origins in Egypt, Greece and Rome; pedestals and vases are shown from the classical period onwards; balusters from the Renaissance and subsequent periods are covered in depth. These elements together illustrate the way in which a wide range of decorative and functional objects such as candlesticks, lamps, finials, stair rails and table legs have developed.
    Designs include all shapes and sizes, simple and complex: from architectural applications to furniture, household items and objets d'art. The repetitious clutter which mars some conventional designs has been removed, simplifying the outline and thus revealing the core elements.

        Classic Forms will appeal to architects, designers, craftspeople, turners and colleges.

        Stuart E Dyas


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