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Green Wood Chairs is both an inspirational and practical book featuring the author's naturally graceful work and projects.


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Green Wood Chairs

  • The book projects, inspired by Shaker design and the magic of the West Cork landscape, range from stools and small tables to a full size rocking chair, using natural branch wood and stems, which you can gather yourself and make using basic tools. Includes a gallery showcasing the stylish work of an array of Irish chairmakers.

    The author, Alison Ospina has been making furniture from unseasoned wood for more than ten years. She has taught a vast number of students to make attractive, robust chairs, stools and tables using tools and techniques she has evolved and developed in her workshop over the years.

       Green Wood Chairs will appeal to chairmakers, amateur and professional woodworkers, DIY enthusiasts,
       craftspeople, schools and colleges.

        Alison Ospina


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