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Managing Your Build fills in the gaps that other building books leave and focuses entirely on build management matters.


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Managing Your Build

  • If you employ a builder he'll manage the actual construction elements. But there's far more to building work than this. You will be the overall manager controlling the entire project from conception to completion.

    Andrew's way of working on his own projects involves him as the main contractor and project manager on a day-by-day basis. He doesn't usually employ 'builders' (main contractors) though he has, of course, done so……he works directly with tradesmen and craftsmen. This hands-on, practical background gives him an invaluable perspective on building problems and their solutions. He has spent 30 years listening to skilled individuals in the building trades and to construction professionals at every level. He continues to listen today.

    Most people, when asked, say that managing their build has taught them a huge amount about life and about themselves and that they've gained skills they can take forward into other areas of their lives. Hopefully, managing your build shows you how to successfully organise the build of your own house, conversion, refurbishment or extension so as to make it fun, life-changing and rewarding.

    The Author
    Andrew Stanway has been involved in building all his life. He started as a hands-on, part-time, builder in his twenties and now, nearly forty years later, he is still learning about the industry and about people. His recent projects include the complete restoration and refurbishment of a historic, 7,000 square foot period grain store in South West Ireland, including the construction of a kilometre of roadway, sea defences, quays and a pier. In the last five years he has also built a substantial family country house (with detached cottage) near London and completely renovated three central London properties. One of these involved gutting a four-storey house, leaving only the outer walls, and then totally rebuilding the inside. This latter project was achieved in four months.


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