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The long awaited revision of one of the country's leading cabinetmakers book, first published in 1984. Whilst leaving the majority of Alan's original words intact, the book has been enhanced by adding relavant up-to-date information, and the addition of extra photographs of Alan's work.


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Cabinetmaking The Professional Approach

  • This major work gives a brief introudction to the craft furniture movement, the Cotswold school and the creative craftsmen of the period, followed by an outline of the Froxfield Workshops and the author's own training under Edward Barnsley. A comprehensive work for all those interested in pursuing a professional career in cabinetmaking. It contains much advice on design aspects, as well as a wealth of information about setting up and running a small woodworking business.

        Cabinetmaking will appeal to furniture collectors, furniture makers, furniture designers, craftspeople, and

        Alan Peters


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