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Free Your Inner Artist explains why your inner artist may be dormant and suggests ways of identifying and overcoming barriers.


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Free Your Inner Artist

  • It debunks the myth that training is essential to be an artist, and offers alternative ways of releasing the creative power that exists naturally within each and every one of us. Allowing yourself to be creative can help you see things differently and make you happier, more alert and better able to capture memories, release feelings and interpret dreams. It can also encourage relaxation, help you rebalance your equilibrium in times of adversity and enable you to make better sense of life.

    About the author:
    All her life Penny Stanway has drawn and painted, encouraged early on by her father (John Rench, a teacher and artist) and by art teachers at school, and more recently by her sister (Jenny Hare, therapist, writer and artist), her husband (Andrew Stanway, doctor, writer and natural ‘creative') and various ad-ed art teachers. As a doctor Penny has written more than 20 books on health (plus several on food and cooking) but in latter years she has focused increasingly on art in general and on painting in particular. She has painted in southwest Ireland, with John Simpson as her teacher, and in London on her houseboat on the Thames. The insights she has gained have fuelled a wave of energy, enthusiasm and realizations about the creative process which she shares with you in Free Your Inner Artist.


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